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Due to the current unprecedented circumstances that we are all facing both locally and internationally, Drone Con will not take place in 2021.

About Drone Con


Drone Con is one of Africa’s largest drone conferences with a keen focus on African solutions for commercial drone industries and offers delegates a diversity of relevant exhibitions.

Drone Technology is being adopted at a rapidly growing rate in sectors like Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Security and more. Some Municipalities have also incorporated drone technology in their Smart City programmes to improve efficiencies in areas like Planning, Policing, Emergency Services, Inspections and monitoring of infrastructure projects.

Drone Technology will continue to fundamentally impact the nature of jobs in the future and Drone Con 2021 will aim to enlighten the public on the opportunities related to these influences.

Drone Con’s aim is to provide a platform whereby the best-in-industry provides drone enthusiasts with comprehensive, accurate information on matters industry-users are currently confronted with as well as possible solutions.

Drone Con 2021 will also expand on the upskilling of individuals and the vast employment opportunities the drone industry promises to deliver as per research conducted by the Commercial Unmanned Aviation Association of South Africa (CUAASA) which revealed more than 40 000 jobs will be created within the industry over a ten-year period.

New to the conference this year, we are excited to host a ‘Design Thinking Workshop’ which allows delegates to deliberate on Smart City Solutions and develop approaches on how Drone Technology may be adopted by Municipalities and other state organisations to improve efficiencies and lower operating costs.


Why Attend Drone Con 

Learn more about drone technology

Drones and exponential technologies are changing and disrupting business as we know it, and these changes will impact you.

Understand the rules & regulations

Whether you have an interest in Drone technology and its commercial applications and the rules that govern it, or you have drones operating in your environment and need to better understand how to manage and control their impact, this is the conference for you. 

Network with leaders of industry

This conference has been specifically crafted to allow for maximum networking time. Due to the diversity of topics and attendees, the following timeslots have been allocated to allow for interaction with fellow delegates, as well as exhibitors.


Networking Sessions

Drone Flying Cage

Vast Exhibition Offerings

Masterclass Programme

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Drone Con 2019 Speakers 

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