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Day 1 Presentations:

Prof Filippo Tomasello  | International Keynote | International RPAS

Simon Segwabe | SA CAA Executive | CAA: the plan for 2018

Ken Venn | CUAASA  | CUAASA Update

Phillip KentLegalese | Drone Law

Gary MortimersUAS News | The Drone Market

Bryan VerpoortITOO Risks | Distinguishing between legal and illegal drone operators

Joseph Davis Sr | Mowiti-Thanda International | Strategic Market Growth

Dr. Roelof Botha Senior Economist | Economic Impact Study

Jacques Swart | Independent Technology Consultant | Disruptive Technology

Raj Wanniappa | Future Horizon Technologies | Investing in the 4th Digital Revolution

John Monk | CSIR | CSIR UAV Developments

Craig Leppan | Drone Scan | Drones for inventory and warehouse use

Lelanie Smith University of Pretoria | Project Arend

Day 2 Presentations:

Marc Kegelaers | Unifly | Enabling the Drone Sector

Dale McErlean | Ntsu Aviation | BVLOS in SA

Nicole Jenkinson | RPAS Training Academy | RPAS Training Academy

Dean Polley | Aerial Vision Africa | Long Range Aircraft and BVLOS Operations

Sam Twala | Ntsu Aviation | Operations for Municipalities (including Fire & Law enforcement)

Pieter Niemand | Oakhurst Insurance | The Drone Explosion

Jacques Swart | Independent Technology Consultant | Drone Deployment in Disruptive Safety and Security

Heidi Patmore | Stellaris Group  | Drones as Transport

Debbie Jewitt | KZN Wildlife | KZN Wildlife – Drones in Conservation

Tim Wise | PACSys | The Challenges of Crop Spraying

Timothy Willis | Aerobotics | Agricultural Data and Insurance Considerations

Henno Morkel | Optron | A Geo-Odyssey of UAS LiDar Mapping

Gareth Rees | IOT.nxt | Drones in Mining

Louis De Klerk & Richard Matchett | Aurecon | Drones in Construction

Dean Polley | Aerial Vision Africa | Industrial Applications

Noel Harris | C3D Designs | Drones in Construction and Civils

Deon Nel | Map ERP | Let Your Data do the Talking

Alan Ball | Fly FPVSA & Flying Robot | Status of Drone Racing in SA

Johnny Miller | Drones for Social Good | Drones for Social Good

BVLOS Master Class Presentations:

Justin Melman | Aerospace 3D |BVLOS Global Operations

Justin Melman | Aerospace 3D | Aircraft, Equipment & Documentation

David Davies | Commercial Drones | BVLOS Requirements

General Master Class Presentations:

Sonet Kock |AviComply | Part 101 Review

Sonet Kock | AviComply | ROC Management

Dean Polley | Aerial Vision Africa | Data Processing

Sonet Kock | AviComply | Flight Safety

Candice O’Connor | RPAS Training Academy | Fleet Management

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